Thursday, April 10, 2008

28 VOpp: Nutrition educators

Improve children's physical and mental development by providing nutritious foods at affordable costs.

Volunteer as:

: : Beneficiaries
Children and youth; women; urban poor

: : Estimated Valuation (no cash involved)
Volunteer work--Php 2,500/volunteer
Organization’s counterpart--Php 80/volunteer

: : Nature
Education/training; allied health service

: : Tasks
To discuss/train parents of undernourished children about good nutrition using the PABASA module of the Nutrition Center of the Philippines

: : Expected volunteer output
Nutrition education trainings

: : Qualification
Knowledge on good nutrition
Excellent communication skills especially Filipino
Patient, flexible
Sociable; person-oriented
Willing to be trained

: : Location
Metro Manila

: : Schedule
5-8 hours per week
Weekdays, during office hours; Weekends (Saturday)

: : Support/benefits from the organization
Transportation allowance

If you want to volunteer, please contact:
Myrna Basa, Chief of Programs
7-8 Don Pio St, Don Enrique Heights, Commonwealth, Quezon City
T [2] 952.2629 M 0918.9293035 E
Nancy Filio, SAC-Health Coordinator
T [2] 932.7910 loc 407 M 0920.8168674 E

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