Saturday, March 15, 2008

21 Vopp: Tutors

Contribute in upgrading children's learning processes and enhancing their competencies for school and in the community.

Volunteer as:

: : Beneficiaries
Children and youth; Urban poor

: : Estimated Valuation (no cash involved)
Volunteer work--Php 6,000
Organization’s counterpart--Php 8,640

: : Nature

: : Tasks
To provide in-depth explanation of topics in a particular subject matter (English, Math, Science, Reading, or Pilipino) learned in school
To provide exercises for children to better grasp the subject matter taught in school

: : Expected volunteer output
Brief and concise report on the topics covered, methods used to explain the topics and exercises done with the children

: : Qualification
Genuine concern for the learning of children
Patient and innovative in tutoring chores
Updated in the expected competencies required for chosen subject area (English, Math, Science, Reading, or Pilipino)
Ability to motivate children to read books

: : Location
Metro Manila

: : Schedule
1-4 hours per week
Weekends, once a week only

: : Support/benefits from the organization

* KPACIO is committed to the growth and development of persons. Its programs and projects include early childhood development, education support, youth formation and micro-project assistance in Metro Manila, Cebu and Davao. Its partners include people's and non-government organizations.

If you want to volunteer, please contact:
Harriet E. Escarcha, Office Manager
Unit 204 Casa Malvar Bldg, Singalong cor Gen. Malvar Sts, Malate, Manila
T [2] 536.8565 M 0919.2253336 E
Joaquin B. Timogtimog, Jr, Projects Officer
T [2] 536.8565 E

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