Tuesday, July 20, 2010

14 VOpp: Tutors

Assist children in public elementary schools, urban poor communities or the City Jail cope with the demands of school and reduce the pressure for them to drop out.

Volunteer as:

: : Beneficiaries
Children and youth; urban poor

: : Estimated Valuation (no cash involved)
Volunteer work--at least Php 600 per month
Organization’s counterpart--at least Php 300 per month

: : Nature

: : Tasks
To tutor 5 public elementary school children in Math and English
To conduct one-on-one tutorial of former street child enrolled in a night high school
To tutor 3 children enrolled in an alternative learning system (ALS)
To conduct basic literacy class in City Jail
To conduct advance tutorial classes for Munting Titsers/peer tutors

: : Expected volunteer output
Public elementary school children pass post-test in Math and English
Street children in night high school promoted to next HS level
More confident Munting Titsers
Children in ALS qualified to take Evaluation and Placement Test
Students in City Jail pass post-test

: : Qualification
Has love for subject matter and ability to make lessons interesting and engaging
Requires patience and fluency in Filipino

: : Location
Mandaluyong CIty

: : Schedule
At least one meeting per week
1-1/2 hours per meeting
Weekdays, during/after office hours; Weekends

: : Support/benefits
Equipment, supplies and materials
Recognition/ award

* Unang Hakbang Foundation is an organization that helps children on the streets and in poor urban communities. It has two main programs: Aral Kalinga, a mentoring and tutorial program for in-school children whose average grade is 78% and below, and Buhay Kalinga, a mentoring program for out-of-school children and youth.

Please contact:
Olie Lucas, President
39 Calbayog St., Brgy. Highway Hills, Mandaluyong City
T [2] 531.3474 M 0920.9244623 E olie.lucas@gmail.com
Merli Adviento, Program Coordinator
T [2] 531.3474 M 0927.6604325 E uhf_philippines@yahoo.com

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