Wednesday, December 5, 2007

7 VOpp: Letter reviewer or critic

Strengthen sponsored children's relationships with their local and foreign sponsors through letter writing.

Volunteer as:

: : Beneficiaries
Youth and children; urban poor

: : Estimated Valuation(no cash involved)
Volunteer work--Php 950 per day
Organization’s counterpart--Php 80 per day

: : Nature

: : Tasks
To review content and grammar of children’s letters
To make minor revisions on the letters written by the sponsored children and youth

: : Expected volunteer output
Reviewed letters of the children

: : Qualification
High level of proficiency in Filipino and English language
High interest in readings and the arts
Patient in making revisions with the letters

: : Location
Quezon City

: : Schedule
5-8 hours per week
Weekdays, during office hours

: : Support/benefits from the organization
Transportation allowance

*Abot-Kamay Inc. was organized and incorporated in October 1990 by a group of Filipinos who shared the common goal of uplifting the lives of children in depressed areas. Its primary beneficiaries (presently numbering 23,000) include children aged 3-19 years residing in 31 poor communities in Metro Manila and Bulacan. Funding is coursed through Children International located in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Please contact:
Ruth Balasa, Sponsor Relations Assistant
7 & 8 Don Pio St., Don Enrique Heights, Commonwealth, Quezon City
T [2] 952.2551 M 0918.2451491 E
Joseph Cubar, Sponsor Relations Manager
T [2] 952.2551 M 0917.2776145 E

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